Surveying new ways of Endurance Sports

Ongoing season we are looking for new challenges and excitement from the multisports competitions.
We are pleased to have experienced swim-runner and triathlete Anu with us. Her goal for this season is finnish Ironman distance triathlon in Finnish championships in August. Anu is professional feet therapist and an entrepreneur. Still she has some time and energy to do her daily training and achieve her goals. Multisports is also the natural way to combine daily training and your other challenges in life.
We wish Anu good luck and will hear more about her adventure and experiences about the equipment she uses.
Also Team Cycle Center will be part of at least some shorter distance triathlons and swim-run races. Why multisports?
We have noticed that more and more people want to feel the endurance and stamina what you can get doing long hours in multisports or biking but at the same time different challenges in the work and life in general require your attention and energy.
If your passion is to achieve your personal limits in endurance sports, you want to push a little bit more than an average and sometimes even hammering hours on the road, running paths and in the pool. Multisports are a fine way to learn more about yourself and improve your physics, metabolism and coordination.
There is no excuses not to train when you can do always at least one of your diciplines, no matter you are in the working trip or on a holidays, long hours in the office or its bad weather outside; go running, biking or swimming or you can go to gym for xrosstraining. The World of Multsports is limitless, your attitude and will to achieve your personal goals are the things that make the difference.
You can find the finest equipment for multisports from Cycle Center´s shops from wetsuits to Ridley bikes.
See you doing km´s, hours or rep´s on training!